Tyreek is an independent singer, songwriter and producer based in Oakland, California. Born and raised in Morocco, in a culturally diverse environment, Tyreek was drawn to music early. As a child he spent hours alone, glued to his father’s record player listening to old vinyls. By the time he was in high school, he alternated making mixtapes for his classmates to vocally collaging the cosmopolitan sounds his heritage afforded him, into melodic freestyles. He started thinking of himself
as an artist, and decided to embark on a journey to explore that introspective sonic aesthetic only a lonesome traveler could amass. Upon moving to the States, he soon realized that music was going
to be the only comfort in his journey as an immigrant.

The sound he created to accompany him in his journey is the subtle alchemy between a yearning, half-whispering falsetto and spacey experimental beats. Tyreek’s music debuted the Bay Area scene in the mid-2000s, influenced by a historically radical and chemically enhanced local culture, morphing into a somnolent walk through an endless urban landscape. His music found a home, and it has since been described in many ways, from soulfully dreamy electro-funk to underground neo-soul. 
But while Tyreek's slender self might physically fit in a box, 
his sound can't. His music is a reflection of his journey,
diverse and adventurous, unpredictable and magical, just like
a trip to wonderland… in the urban underground.